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Managed Detection and Response

Hunt Evil - 24x7

If you are wondering if you are currently hacked, or if you want to detect if you are hacked in the future, dayONE's Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is what you have been looking for.

Our MDR is a suite of services which we have combined in order to make sure that we can rapidly identify, validate, and respond to any alert from any device that you are charged with protecting. We have combined endpoint threat hunting, endpoint threat monitoring, network threat monitoring, and a combination of leading threat intelligence, analytics, machine learning and human incident investigation and response expertise in a way that no legacy MSSP has done. Find out how, below.

How are we different?

Endpoint Threat Hunting

Automated Memory Forensics

Endpoint Threat Monitoring

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Network Threat Monitoring

Security and Information Event Management (SIEM)

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Legacy MSSPs focus on monitoring logs on the perimeter of your network (Network Threat Monitoring), even though most companies are living in a world with no perimeter. That was a great place to start 20 years ago, but it's incomplete as a security strategy in modern times. Aside from not protecting your mobile work force, this approach leaves you blind to attacks from the moment after they bypass your perimeter all the way to exfiltration. In the meantime, your legacy MSSP will merely perform basic triage, forwarding you the alert and telling you that you should look into it yourself, without even giving you access to the tools you need to investigate. 

With our MDR package, we go much further. We have combined Network and Endpoint monitoring with Memory Forensics, providing a four step process to create the strongest Detection service on the market.

1. 24x7 Security Information Event Management Monitoring (SIEM)

A SIEM is the central pillar of any modern Security Operation Center, and with our 24/7 Managed SIEM service, you can rest easy knowing that if there's an alert when you're off the clock, our team will be there to analyze it.

Unlike Legacy MSSPs, though, we don't simply kick the alert over the fence for you to look at it in the morning. Utilizing the rest of our MDR capabilities, our analysts get you answers and can even respond to threats for you in real time, all while you sleep soundly.

Our SIEM ties all of your data sources together giving our analysts, and yours, visibility into all security events in your network. This overhead view gives you and our analysts visibility into alerts from your Firewall/IPS down to your EDR data and memory injects, all in a single pane of glass. We operate this essential service with transparency, giving you and your team true co-management abilities if you have in-house security experts that would like access.

2. Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is the second pillar of our MDR offering. With managed EDR, our analysts are proactively looking for threats by monitoring anomalous behaviors on your endpoints. Suspicious behaviors create alerts which are then investigated and classified as malicious or benign. EDR gives us full visibility of threats as they initiate and progress through the kill-chain on your endpoints, and is a critical piece of any MDR offering and security program in 2020.

3. Memory Forensic Analysis & Machine Assisted Alert Validation

Even before you install a behavioral monitoring tool, it's important to know whether or not you are already hacked. Our Managed Threat Hunting solution utilizes a Memory Forensic tool that will tell us if any process, module, driver, hook or memory injection on any endpoint in your network can do anything malicious. Our analysts then go over the results for you, determining if there are any malicious or unwanted programs running on any computer in your entire network.

We have also tied this Memory Forensic capability into our SIEM and EDR technologies, so that any time an alert manifests from any endpoint, a complete forensic investigation is automatically triggered. Our analysts are putting their eyes on real, actionable data every time. Compare this approach to other MSSPs who will send you every false positive they get with a note - "Not Enough Data".

4. Response 

We utilize a variety of different tools that can help us to instantly respond to threats. To ensure that we are handling incidents according to your Response Plan, we will use your response playbooks or even help you create them. Once threats are contained, we have the ability to step in and do complete Incident Response investigations for you as well.

This bundle has you covered. From noisy exploits, to silent criminals waiting for the right moment to strike.

In other words, dayONE MDR is an attacker's worst nightmare.

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